My Favorite Movie & Television Wedding Scenes

Movies and television always bring us incredible inspiration when it comes to wedding scenes. Here is a list of some of my favorite wedding scenes in movies and television!


1. Cory & Topanga - Boy Meets World

This is a wedding that we all waited years for! From their first kiss, we knew that they were meant to be and this is one TV couple that scream #goals!

2. Tim & Mary - About Time

From the nontraditional song, to the dorky dancing and the disastrous weather, this scene reminds us what really matters, your love! Plus, how great is the bright red wedding dress?!

3. Leslie & Ben - Parks and Rec.

This wedding had us all screaming "I love you and I like you!" The love story flash backs are tear jerking and the vows are so sweet! This scene fit the couple and show perfectly!

4. Araminta & Colin - Crazy Rich Asians

This wedding was so extra and I am here for it! The $40 Million wedding was so unique! The water walkway, the fireflies, the grass seating. My jaw hit the floor seeing these designs and I love it all!

5. Pam & Jim - The Office

This couple always tugs at my heartstrings. The wedding ceremony is fun and memorable, but the boat scene during the vows is always a tearjerker, no matter how many times I see it!

6. Rapunzle & Flynn - Tangled Ever After

First of all, this train!!! The entire short is adorable. The shenanigans that Max and Pascal go through for the rings is a nightmare for a bride, but the effort they put into it so sweet and the rings to get there in the end!

7. Jerry & Susan - Tag

I cannot believe that this is a true story! This insane and epic game of tag literally happened and that makes this scene a million times better!

8. Astrid & Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

I absolutely love the viking traditions that they incorporated into this scene. As a long time fan of the HTTYD series, I was so happy to see their relationship play out and grow with them. The only thing I loved more was the following scene where they were reunited with Toothless and we got to meet their children! Tears were falling the entire time!

9. Carl & Ellie - Up

If you look closely during this scene, you will see someone in Ellie's family shooting a gun in the church! It is the little details in their relationship that make Up one of the most romantic stories!

10. Toby & Kate - This Is Us

I don't think I made it through a single episode without crying, and this one was no different! This couple really lives up to their parent's legacy and this wedding was gorgeous!

Honorable Mentions:

- The Princess Bride Although not quit romantic, a classic movie scene!

- Wreck It Ralph An unexpected second chance at love and the guns pointing at the window!

- The Office The series finale for Dwight and Angela, and our final Michael moments.

- Game of Thrones All weddings in this series are beautiful and shocking at the same time!

- Mama Mia This Abba movie is a roller-coaster ride the whole time.

- Corpse Bride The sacrifice on so many levels in this film makes the final scenes so special!

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